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Li Xu - 徐利

Xu Li began her formal dance training at age 11. She graduated with honors from Zhejiang Art School and Beijing Dance Academy in China. She then became the solo dancer for the first-class Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble and has represented China to perform in United States, Japan, Canada, Russia and Southeast Asia. Li has been a visiting scholar at Brigham Young University in Utah and was awarded a scholarship to study modern dance in Canada. 著名舞蹈家,舞蹈教育家。十一歲開始接受正規的舞蹈教育,繼以優異的成績畢業於浙江藝術學校和北京舞蹈學院,進入中國一流的東方歌舞團任獨舞演員,曾代表中國赴美國、日本、加拿大、俄羅斯及東南亞等國訪問演出後應聘為美國楊百翰大學訪問學者,並獲獎學金赴加拿大深造現代舞。


Xiaomin Li - 李小敏

李小敏教授 毕业于北京舞蹈学院,国家一级演员、教授,中国舞蹈家协会会员,曾任北京歌剧舞剧院主要演员。

Professor Li Xiaomin:  Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academe, a national first class dancer, member of the Chinese Dancers Association, a professional judge of the German Arts and Shuangxin Dance Competition and a judge of the Beijing University Dance Speciali st


Siqi Luo - 罗思淇

罗思淇 优秀青年舞蹈教师


Siqi Luo:  Outstanding Young Dance Teacher

Graduated with honors from Dance School in Sichuan Province and Department of Dance in School of Music at Shanghai Normal University. She taught professional dance at Dance School in Sichuan Province. She excels in organizing and planning large-scale festivals dance performances, with a wealth of experience on training at all levels of dance competitions.


Yitong Wang - 王奕童

Ms. Yitong Wang (Weinan Wang)

An outstanding young dancer graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, Yitong Wang is a certified tutor for Chinese folklore dance.

舞蹈老师 王

毕业于北京舞蹈学院民族民间舞系 表演专业。获中国民族民间舞考级1-12级高级教师资格证书。具备极高的专业素质和艺术修养,积累了丰富的舞蹈表演, 舞蹈编创和舞蹈教学经验。 


Di Zhang - 张迪

以优异成绩毕业于北京舞蹈学院 芭蕾表演专业. 以精专的舞蹈技能和全面的出色表现, 获北京舞蹈学院优秀团员和学院奖学金. 在芭蕾舞 现代舞 双人舞 性格舞 舞蹈编创和教学等方面的独到建树, 成为院校专家特别推荐的专业人选. 


Misty Chambers

Misty Chambers  Dance Teacher

Misty  Chambers  has been teaching dance for over 20 years in the Houston and Katy areas and has an extensive background in dance, gymnastics and theater.  Her varied background began in gymnastics as she studied for six years with Neimand's Gymnastics School where she was on their competitive team.  Loving the more dance like qualities of the floor and beam exercises of gymnastics, once in high school she began studying dance first as a member of the drill team where she served as an officer for two years and then by studying under both Sharon Schadt and John Adamson where she gained her formal training and her love for dance and performance.  She is privileged to have subsequently taught for both Sharon and John for over 15 years.

Amber Thornton

Amber Thornton - Dance Teacher and Choreographer

Amber Thornton 是一位活跃于休斯顿舞蹈界和舞蹈教育领的杰出的舞者, 编导和舞蹈老师。她在现代和芭蕾舞的编舞方面的成就使她荣获无数全美和国际大奖,

Amber Thornton has been an active choreographer, dancer and instructor in the Houston dancescene for over 25 years. She has studied and performed with various companies and dance mastersthroughout the nation


Nancy Henderek

Nancy Henderek - OAEC Honorary Adviser

南希 東方藝術教育中


Dan Pan - 潘丹

In 1992 because of her high marks, Pan Dan graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with honors and entered the famous Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble. Has performed on many stages around the world including Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, Poland, Russia, France, Australia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Canada, and the United States to promote arts and cultural exchange. 中国舞蹈家协会会员 1988年考入北京舞蹈学院东方舞系.1992年以优异的成绩毕业于北京舞蹈学院后进入东方歌舞团。


Priscilla Nathan

Priscilla Nathan-Murphy OAEC Chief Arts Consultant

普斯拉   東方藝術教育中心藝術顧問


Jian Xin - 辛建

Xin Jian graduated from Shanghai Drama and Performing Arts Institute with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

戲劇表演老师 辛建畢業於上海戲劇學院,獲表演專業學士學位,主修表演,台詞,形體,聲樂, 戲劇文學及中國戲劇史等。


Celine Song - 宋笑琳

Celine Song  graduated from Shanghai Dong-Hua University, the top college for professional models and designers, with bachelor degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Show.



Cindy Mao - 毛欣

Soprano Cindy Mao

毛欣 女高音歌唱家



Bridget Spiegel

Bridget Spiegel  Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Bridget Spiegel has a passion for music in all forms-teaching, performing, and pedagogy. Bridget seems to be a renesaince woman of the arts starting from a very small age. Studying violin with Lisa Burrell since the age of 10, she also expanded her abilities into the musical theatre world with her lead “Gertrude” in Seussical the Musical and participation in her high school’s Rhythm and Blue show choir. She has also performed the roles of “Mary” in Godspell, and most recently “Edith” in Pirates of Penzance.


Qi Li - 李奇

Member of Chinese Musicians Association and China Association of Performing Arts Certified Senior Erhu Educator of China Nationalities Orchestra Society



YiXiu Yan - 阎亦修

A member of Chinese Bamboo Flute Professional Committee and used to be a training teacher at Zhang lizhong orchestral music studio,



Kexin Li

Piano Teacher Kexin Li

钢琴老师: Kexin Li

Master of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy   
Texas State University - San Marcos, Texas, USA
2017 – 2018 Billy-Clarence Stuessy Scholarship
2016 – 2017 School of Music Scholarship

Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance
Sichuan Conservatory of Music 


Jingxia Yu - 郁静霞

Ms Jingxia Yu graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majoring in Violin. Ms. Yu is good at violin  performance. She was in the First Violin section of Shanghai Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House Orchestra and Shanghai City Symphony Orchestra..

郁静霞老师 毕业于上海音乐学院小提琴专业,毕业后,一直活跃于小提琴演奏舞台。曾任上海乐团、上海歌剧院交响乐队以及上海城市交响乐团第一小提琴手,并录制个人小提琴演奏专辑


Jingbo Hao -郝婧铂

青年美术教师   郝婧铂
毕业于中国戏曲学院动画设计专业, 比利时列日皇家美术学院版画设计专业. 自幼酷爱美术, 作品充满创意.

Art Teacher: Jingbo Hao
As an experienced graphic designer and illustrator, Jingbo Hao joined OAEC 2015 Spring to share her extensive knowledge of the creative arts with our students.


Huang Xin - 黄鑫

Being a lover of Chinese calligraphy, Mr. Xin Huang has practiced it for more than thirty-five years since his childhood. With more than 3,500 years of history, Chinese calligraphy has been highly regarded as one of the Chinese treasures, reflecting the styles, passions, social and artistic values of calligraphers at different times of history. Mr. Huang pursues powerful and graceful calligraphy and enjoys compelling expression of his emotion with beautiful and cultural rich Chinese brush strokes.

黄鑫喜爱中国书法,从小至今已研习书法三十五余年。中国书法一直被尊为中国的国粹之一, 三千多年来,淋漓尽致地折射出历代书法家的艺术风格、情感、及其社会和艺术价值。黄鑫更崇尚并追求遒劲雅致的书法,用蘸满浓郁中国文化的毛笔线条纵情地挥洒自己的情怀。


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