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Xiaoping Li   - 李晓萍

李晓萍,舞蹈教师。 毕业于河北省艺术学院舞蹈专业, 之后于中央歌舞团学习深造。中国舞蹈家协会会员。专注于舞蹈教育和培训工作三十年。在舞蹈教育中注重培养学生的基本技能和全面素质;在舞蹈编导中融合芭蕾舞形式与中国文化,呈现独特的艺术风格。

Li Xiaoping, dance teacher. Graduated from the Dance Department of Hebei Academy of Fine Arts, and furthered studies at the China National Song & Dance Ensemble. A member of the Chinese Dancers Association. She dedicated to dance education and training for thirty years. Emphasizes the cultivation of fundamental skills and students' overall qualities in dance education; integrates ballet forms with Chinese culture in dance choreography, presenting a unique artistic style.


She participated in dance performances including "White Haired Girl", "Light of Happiness", "Laundry Ballad ", "Harvest Dance", "Azalea", and more. Many of her students have successfully gained admission to prestigious institutions and top dance ensembles, such as the Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy, Ballet Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Tianjin Ballet, Chongqing Ballet, Royal Ballet of Hong Kong, and many others.


The choreographed dance works have received numerous awards at the national and provincial levels. For instance, the dance piece "Love of the Boatman" achieved third place in the National Corporate Dance Competition, "Heavenly Road" won the Audience's Favorite Gold Award at the National Day Celebration Gala "Shengshi Zhonghua Cui Can Xiong'an," and "Growing Up" secured first place in the final competition of the 2nd Danube Art Festival, Hebei Division. In addition to these achievements, she honored with the title of Outstanding Guidance Teacher in multiple dance competitions, including the Hebei TV Dance Competition, the National Children's Dance Competition, the National Finals of the "Love My China" Youth Art Talent Selection, and the Northeast Asia International Youth TV Talent and Super Star Talent Competition. Notably, her dance works such as "Swan Lake Overture" and "Song and Smile" were featured on the CCTV Online Spring Festival Gala, and she was invited to serve as a program judge on the Beijing TV Online Spring Festival Gala.