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Weiwei Cook

Traditional Chinese Dance / Ballet Instructor

Since 2015, Ms. Weiwei started teaching Chinese dance and ballet in the Katy/ Houston area.

Ms. Weiwei started her Chinese dance classes as a young girl at just seven years old and started her professional dance training at age 13.

In 1990, Weiwei was granted admission into the Shenyang Conservatory of Music dance school with over 4,000 other auditioning dancers. While attending, she studied Chinese traditional dance and ballet. After graduation, Weiwei worked for Shenyang Dance and Music Ensemble as a lead dancer.

As a professional dancer, Weiwei joined many dance performances and national dance competitions. One of her most memorable was in the dance-drama,” Yue Ya Wu Geng”, which was awarded the prestigious Wenhua Award, one of the nation’s top awards for Chinese dance.

In 2002, Weiwei started to teach for Shenyang Art School to become a dance instructor and choreographer where she worked for three years until moving to the US in 2005.

Currently, Weiwei resides in Katy with her family. She is a proud Asian American who continues to serve, encourage, teach, and choreograph Chinese dance and ballet for other Chinese dance schools, as well as other ballet and contemporary dance schools. In 2022, She also taught at West Briar Middle School, partnering with dance teachers for a dance workshop for their history class.


Associate of Art

Lone Star College, Cypress, TX


Associate of Art

Lone Star College, Cypress, TX


Lone Star College-Cyfair Fall 2020 President’s List

Invitations for National Society of Leadership and Success Nominee

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Nominee and

The Honor College Merit Scholar

Accepting into The Honors College at University of Houston             2023

Supply Chain and Logistic Technology, B.S.                                    2023