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Being a lover of Chinese calligraphy, Mr. Xin Huang has practiced it for more than thirty-five years since his childhood. With more than 3,500 years of history, Chinese calligraphy has been highly regarded as one of the Chinese treasures, reflecting the styles, passions, social and artistic values of calligraphers at different times of history. Mr. Huang pursues powerful and graceful calligraphy and enjoys compelling expression of his emotion with beautiful and cultural rich Chinese brush strokes.

黄鑫喜爱中国书法,从小至今已研习书法三十五余年。中国书法一直被尊为中国的国粹之一, 三千多年来,淋漓尽致地折射出历代书法家的艺术风格、情感、及其社会和艺术价值。黄鑫更崇尚并追求遒劲雅致的书法,用蘸满浓郁中国文化的毛笔线条纵情地挥洒自己的情怀。

Mr. Huang has received a number of awards in various calligraphy competitions. He was a member of Peking University Student Calligraphy Association. He is a permanent member of Ontario Chinese Artists Association in Canada. He actively exhibits and promotes calligraphy to the Chinese community and American people in Houston. He teaches calligraphy in the Chinese community. He wrote the HEB stage backdrop and other calligraphic works for 2007 Houston International Festival. Most recently, he exhibited and demonstrated calligraphy in ROCO’s celebration of 2010 Valentine’s Weekend & Chinese New Year. He was also invited as an honorarium speaker at University of Houston and made a speech to the Chinese calligraphy class entitled “Beyond a Language – Chinese Calligraphy”.

Mr. Huang received a Ph.D. in geophysics from University of Toronto, Canada in 1996. He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

黄鑫数次获得书法比赛的大奖。他曾是北京大学学生书法社的会员,加拿大安大略省中国美术会永久会员。定居休斯顿后,他积极向华人社区和美国人民展示和宏扬中国书法。 他义务参与2007年休斯顿国际文化节,在HEB舞台布景上挥就巨书“有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎”。最近,他在ROCO举办的2010年情人节曁中国春节欢庆晚会上展示以“虎”字为主题的中国书法,并应邀在休斯顿大学给中国书法班的学生们作了一次生动的题为“语言之外的中国书法”的演讲。