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青年美术教师   郝婧铂
毕业于中国戏曲学院动画设计专业, 比利时列日皇家美术学院版画设计专业. 自幼酷爱美术, 作品充满创意.

Art Teacher: Jingbo Hao
As an experienced graphic designer and illustrator, Jingbo Hao joined OAEC 2015 Spring to share her extensive knowledge of the creative arts with our students.

曾受聘于北京众邦有限公司, 任平面设计师.  2008年,担任儿童杂志插画师,参与中央电视26集动画片《成语国探秘》制作,并担任色检师. 曾获2008文化创意国际交流系列活动动漫作品组最佳美术设计奖. 2009年,担任《倩女幽魂》服装设计, 平面设计师.  2010年,担任NIKE公司球衣发布会视频分镜头脚本设计.  2012年,实习于MLB美职棒大联盟中国区,担任平面设计. 精通Adobe Photography Painter, Flash TV Animation Pro Adobe InDesign.  2015年春季加盟东方艺术教育中心, 开设亲子手工课, 儿童工艺美术课, 儿童绘画课, 动漫设计课, 成人创意服饰家居设计课.

Starting from very young age, Jingbo developed a passion from painting, drawing, and photography. She cultivated her talent with a Bachelor degree from China Theater Arts Academy and L'Academie Royale des Beauz-Arts de Liege. Jingbo is proficient with the use of Adobe Photoshop, Flash, TV Animation Pro, and layout and text editing. She gained recognition for her art through her work experience as a children's magazine illustrator, fashion advertisement layout and design artist, Nike Jersey conference storyboard designer, Beijing Zhong Bang Exhibition Co. Ltd. graphic designer, and Major League Baseball graphic designer. She was also awarded the Best Art Designing Award from the International Communication of Student Creativity Culture Exchange in 2008. At OAEC, Jingbo hopes to pass on her love of design and beauty to all kids and make her dreams a reality through courses for painting, drawing, and creative arts design. Jingbo will also be offering arts and crafts class for parents.