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Tony Lin


Interactive Math

Do you think math is boring, difficult, or even frightening?

I can help you overcome those barriers.

Do you want to get ahead in math, get a perfect SAT score, or even win math competitions?

I can help you achieve those goals.



Beginning  Math

For 1st and 2nd grade level.

Basic Number operations and logic thinking. 四则运算和基本罗缉思维


Elementary Math

For 3rd, 4th and 5th grade  level.

Math expressions (fraction, percentage, etc.) and variables. 数学表达式(如分数和百分数)和变量


SAT class.

For 7th, 8th and 9th level.

Prepare students to achieve a near perfect SAT Math score.  Most of SAT questions are at Middle school level. SAT 数学。 SAT 题目基本是初中数学



I am the founder of the Beckendorff Junior High MathCounts team in Katy ISD and have coached the team since 2007. The team won 4th place in the 2012 state competition, and has won lots of other awards in state and regional competitions over the years.

The math team has encouraged and helped many students in the Katy area, and has evolved into the Math Is Fun Club, which has about 35 actively involved students.

My son Leon was the first member of the team. Through the team and club activities, he has grown tremendously in math. In 2009, he was one of 50 students invited to MOSP (the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program, where the U.S. International Math Olympiad team is selected). He got a perfect score on both the PSAT and the SAT, and now he is attending his dream college, MIT.



Over the years, I have explored a variety of teaching methods and developed a unique interactive teaching system. It includes a series of key topics suited for different stages of learning math, a star ranking system to track the progress of each student, and a set of skill training methods. The teaching process is reasoning oriented, question driven, and enhanced by technology.

The heart of learning math - REASONING.

In each lesson, I let students discuss several carefully-designed problems and guide them to come up with a new concept or rule. Students learn through their own discoveries. They know where new concepts come from, why they’re needed, how they relate to other concepts, and when to apply them in problems. This is different from the way math is taught in most public schools, where students memorize a set of rules or a sequence of steps, and are often confused about which rule to apply when facing a problem.

The topics - THREE PARADIGMS that lay a clear path toward a perfect SAT score and success in math competitions.

1. Elementary school level, students need to develop the skills to operate on numbers and understand the logic behind each operation.

2. Junior high level, students need to think about math problems in terms of variables and equations.

3. High school level, students need to see math as functions, or pictures in a coordinate system.

The sports - “MATHLETES”

Students will be trained for competition in games. I have developed a serial of games that train

students in mental calculation. Mental calculation can increase speed, be used to check answers by

estimation to reduce mistakes, and more importantly, broaden a student’s vision when solving a

problem, allowing the student to “see” the path to the solution.

The Progress tracking – STAR-RANKING SYSTEM

My star-ranking system will track the progress of each student in detail. Seeing how much

progress they have made, students will build up their self-confidence and be encouraged to move



Unlike many online learning websites, the classroom environment provides the opportunity for

teacher-student face-to-face interaction. Through classroom discussion, I can find out what

students already know so that I can guide them in discovering what they need to know. Class

discussions also allow students to learn from each other and benefit from mutual encouragement.

Come to my Interactive Math class. You will discover just how easy and fast it is to

learn math.