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OAEC Students awarded at NAM

Diana Feng won the 3rd runner up at causal wear modeling, and top model search 1st runner up. She is the top winner in talent competition.

Crystal Wang has awarded PRE-TEEN Talent 1st Place, TOP MODELING 1st Place ,ACTRESS 5th place and the OVERALL top 20th.

Irena Wan has awarded the 2nd place of Talent with her outstanding performances.

OAEC offering a variety of arts subjects and creating a variety of possibility, through sustained training and various competitions, create beauty, elegance and full of self-confidence, gain the competitive edge to succeed future in the learning, social, career success.

Welcome New Teachers:Ms Yu Wang (Dance), Mr. Haichun Weng (Art)

Dance teacher, Wang Yu: graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and received her master degree from famous Chinese Folk Dance Department Professor Pan Zhitao, will bring brilliant professional experience to OAEC. Her dance teaching and directing career brings creativity and youthful vitality to our students. 

For more details please visit http://www.oaec-us.com/pub/index.php/en/faculty-bio/danc/290-wangyu 

Art Teacher: Weng Haichun, a professional arts teacher from Academy of Fine Arts in China, teaches with academic discipline in order to establish your children’s appreciation of arts and guide them to the path of art learning. 

For more details please visit http://www.oaec-us.com/pub/index.php/en/faculty-bio/fine-art/101-haichunweng 

OAEC Spring Semester Recital a Success

OAEC spring semester recital were held successfully at last two weeks. theater, vocal, piano, flute, fashion and art classes were carried out diverse forms of integrated reporting, perform and display to parents and friends. Congratulations for all students' outstanding performances!

OAEC 2013 Chinese Dance Grading Exam a Success

2013 OAEC Chinese dance Grading Exam was held successfully last weekend.  OAEC hit the candidates pass rate of 100% once again! Excellent results are more than 90 percent! Congratulations to all students! Thanks all teachers hard work! Special thanks to all parents, without your supports we won’t make such a remarkable success!

New Book Release Seminar Successful

"Go, Banban!" The New Book release seminar was held on 4/6/13, Saturday, 7:00pm at OAEC Performance Hall and it was a success.

2013 Summer Camp Registration Starts

OAEC Summer Camp register start this weekend in front desk. Click here for more details

OAEC Summer Music Composition Camp

OAEC Summer Music Composition Camp

Learn to compose an original composition on your chosen instrument.

By Amy Lauro (BA in Music Education, UH Houston)


  1. Theory classes to help understand the art of melody and harmony.
  2. Orchestrating each composition through sequencing. (keyboard and computer sequencing using garage band)
  3. Learning about the master composers and how they contributed musical ideas to future generations.
  4. Study contemporary composers to find similarities and differences in style.
  5. Study John Williams and how he has contributed to “movie themes”. (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman, Indiana Jones , Warhorse)
  6. Games and prizes for competitive learning about musical themes, composers and theory.
  7. Performance at the end of the camp for parents and friends.

Three sessions:


June 17-21

June 24-28


OAEC Summer Camp_Dance Creative Workshop by Shoey Sun

Shoey Sun started dancing since the age of 9 training in traditional Chinese folk dance and ballet. She went to college with the intent of graduating with honors and going to one of the top law schools in the country. She has since then discovered, in these past years, that dancing is something she loves

and wants to pursue as a career. As an up-and-coming dancer and choreographer, she has been featured as a dancer in Motivating Excellence Season 2: Instinct by Rhapsody James, NuDance Festival, Carnival New York, Sybarite: Love is Love, MTV New Years Eve: Mac Miller, and many others. Shoey has also been featured as a choreographer in the most recent Sirens After Dark Showcase presented by Rhapsody James. She has also performed internationally in Shanghai for the Children's Festival under J&L Dance Company, as well as performing in several other Chinese dance events. At year of 2011, Shoey joined OAEC Chinese Culture and Dance Delegation to share her dance of beauty in Shenzhen and Beijing.

As a teacher, she has taught workshops to various companies in New York and New Jersey and has had the honor of teaching the established Funkanometry Company class in San Francisco.

Recently, Shoey joined the newly established R.E.D (Rhapsody En Dance) company under the direction of Rhapsody James (Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Motivating Excellence, Monster of Hip-hop).  As a dancer who has no idea how to categorize her style, she believes that sometimes dancing should not be defined, rather it should be felt. She hopes to share through her movement and choreography that the "know-how is not very valuable without know-what and, more important, know-why; and more important still, feel-why" - Tyrone Guthrie.




Fall For Your Type (JAMIE FOXX) choreo by SHOEY ... -


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