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Oriental Impression 2013 a Huge Success

December 7, 2013, Saturday, Houston On this early winter evening, though the weather was beautiful with a touch of pleasant coolness, there was no star visible on the sky as they all gathered at the Stafford Center, ready to shine against the dark backdrop and velvet curtain at a variety entitled “Oriental Impression 2013” organized by OAEC. The show turned out to be a great success and very inspirational.

The whole performances were packed with dances, from ballet to folk to modern, both western and traditional Chinese instruments, and mixtures of theater plays and vocal programs, as well as modeling, and all together, the evening provided an outstanding visual and audio feast for audiences.

Guests of honor, Mme. Xu Erwen, Consul General of Chinese Consulate in Houston, Mr. Zhang Chuanbing, Deputy Consul General, Mme. Cai Lian and Mr. Yang Song, Cultural Consellor, highly appraised the show after watching the performances. 

The performances hit audiences in waves. The first wave was from OAEC dance troupes. Led by experienced and professional teachers, the young dancers became experts at moving their arms around gracefully and skipping around on their tiptoes in glamorous costumes. The highlight of dance team and probably the favorite part of the night to many viewers was the solo “In Memory” from teacher Mr. Liu Chang. Mr. Liu did it in the style of his own. It was not just one dance, but an inspirational journey that he took people on.

The night proceeded with presentations from the instrument department, performing wonderful music pieces popular in both China and the US. Piano teacher Ms. Zhou Yiming, and Guzheng teacher Ms. Wei Shiwei performed with such beauty, passion, and skill that almost took audiences’ breath away.  

The third wave was from the theatre play and vocal group. Parents and guests were deeply delighted by the innocent voices and performances. It took courage and practices for these very young performers to present such lively show onstage.

The show ended with the stunning and rather professionally modeling practices by the teen model queens. All viewers were truly impressed by their beauty, elegance and confidence.  To parents’ great satisfactions, all kids onstage this night have elevated themselves from unexpected to expected, and then to extraordinary. They were the brightest stars tonight. It was also an excellent example of what students can achieve given ample practices and encouragement by professional mentors from the OAEC. 

Reaction to the show was enthusiastic. Nancy Henderek - OAEC Honorary Adviser commented through SMS, “What a wonderful production! Thanks you! Dancers looked good, costumes & background pictures beautiful, music & choreography designed well! Great Job!”

Parents and audiences either “enjoyed every minute of it”, or were proud of the kids “did it!”, or beamed at “great programs, wonderful lights and stage, beautiful costumes.”

It’s the best time of the year. While people are enjoying everything the season brings – family, love, celebration, it’s a great honor for OAEC to present its gift box with superb performances, lots of smiles and laughers, and maybe a little bit of tears, and most importantly, great memories to all our families and friends. Thanks to all of the students, parents, teachers, backstage staff and audiences, who helped make the performance such a great accomplishment. Without your support, the OAEC wouldn't be able to present this cheerful night with all kinds of wonderful presentations. While “Oriental Impression” has become a tradition for this holiday season in Houston, the journey for OAEC has just begun! We are about to plan for our next events . . . stay tuned!

【东方印象2013】: 传统与时尚交相辉映




古典的琴声仍在耳边回荡,宋笑琳老师又带领她的模特队伍步上舞台,将东方的含蓄温婉与西方的热情奔放揉合在一起,尽显时尚魅力。16位婷婷玉立的美少女,端庄的仪态,内心的自信在举手投足,驻行顾盼中彰显无遗。魅力四射、 五彩缤纷、美不胜收。 而这一切, 都来自于中心提供的专业正规的训练以及音乐舞蹈等综合艺术的熏陶。OAEC模特艺术表演班通过音乐、步态、形体、舞蹈以及演出实践的综合训练,提高学员们的音乐感知能力、身体协调能力、表现能力、审美能力, 旨在培养学生的内在修养、 高雅品味和自信。这份优雅的气质和充满自信的美丽,一经形成, 便将永远伴随她们的人生。荣冠2013休斯顿华埠小姐的Karen Li 和休斯顿中国新年小姐Kathy Wei也将和老师同学们一起,与观众分享她们的收获。

OAEC 2013 annual recital will be held on Dec. 7th at Stafford Centre

OAEC 2013 annual recital will be held on Dec. 7th at Stafford Centre. We are so exciting to let you know  there are a number of young artists and teachers will be on stage to share the brilliant Oriental Impression 2013 with all students and parents. Let's together, well prepared,  for this great evening.

Ticket info: 713-818-2683

News from OAEC-The 43th Miss Chinatown Houston Pagent

Karen Li 2013休斯顿华埠小姐 Kathy Wei 2013休斯顿中国小姐

The 43rd Miss Chinatown Houston Scholarship Pageant was held on Saturday, August 3, 2013 at J. W. Marriott Hotel. Karen Li (3rd from left) was awarded with Miss Chinatown Houston 2013 and Kathy Wei (middle) won the Miss Chinese New Year 2013 due to her outstanding performances. They are both students from OAEC model class, instructed by Ms. Celine Song. It is believed that the professional training is the key to make them successful.

Kathy’s multi-talent performance with violin and dance was beautiful and dynamic. It was well applauded by the entire audience. Since the age of 5, she started playing the violin. She also started ballet and folk dances at the age of 4 under the instructor Ms. Li Xu. For this pageant, Ms. Li Xu and Ms. Ling Bao intensively followed up on Kathy’s every training detail, which made her reach a higher level of unification of her musical and performance art. Kathy has proved herself with her outstanding artistic talent and love for music and performance. In each of the four categories, Introduction, Fitness, QA and QiPao, she has shown her most in elegance, class, and beauty.

This fall, she will attend Rice University, majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis. This pageant process gave her a wonderful experience in her life, which would benefit her for whole life with stronger confidence and perfect portrayal of beauty inside and out. She will start her bright new journey with blessings from her parents, instructors, and friends

Dance Classes 3 Weeks Free Trial 8/3 - 8/18

Dear Parents, Student and Teachers:

OAEC Dance program open class will launch 8/3 to 8/18 three weekends. We sincerely welcome new and old students to come to audition, counseling and registration, while Meet new teachers, new kinds of dance experience and teaching methods. In order to help you to arrange your fall schedule in advance and fully prepared for the new semester.

Open class curriculum is as follows:


Beginning Level:
9:30 am- 10:15 am

Level 1:
10:15 am – 11:00 am

Level 2:
10:15 am – 11:00 am
11:00 am – 11:45 am

Level 3:
10:15 am – 11:00 am
11:00 am – 11:45 am

Level 4:
12:00 pm – 12: 45 pm (Ballet intensive)
12:45 pm – 1:30 pm (Chinese Dance)
1:30 pm – 2:15 pm (Modern Dance)

Level 5:
2:15 pm – 3: 00 pm (Ballet intensive)
3:00 pm – 3:45 pm (Chinese Dance)
3:45 pm – 4:30 pm (Modern Dance)

Level 6:
2: 15 pm – 3:00 pm (Ballet intensive)
3:00 pm – 3:45 pm (Chinese Dance)
3:45 pm – 4:30 pm (Modern Dance)

Level 7 & 8:
3: 45 pm – 4:45 pm (Ballet intensive)
4: 45 pm- 5:45 pm (Chinese Dance)
5:45 pm – 6:45 pm (Modern Dance)

Level 9 & 10
3:45 pm – 4:45 pm (Ballet intensive)
4:45 pm – 5:45 pm (Chinese Dance)
5:45 pm – 6:45 pm (Modern Dance)


Level 5:
11:00 am – 12:00 pm (Ballet intensive)
12: 00 pm – 1:00 pm (Chinese Dance)

Level 7
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Ballet intensive)
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (Chinese Dance)
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Modern Dance)

Level 10
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Ballet intensive)
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (Chinese Dance)
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Modern Dance)

Reference trial class age group chart

Level Age
Beginner 3yrs
1 4yrs
2 5yrs
3 6yrs
4 7 yrs
5 8yrs
6 9yrs
7&8 10-11-12yrs
9 13-14yrs
10 14+

OAEC Dance Open Class Notice. Doc by oaecweb

OAEC 2013 China Culture Trip Report

OAEC2013 Chinese Cultural delegation has back in town with unforgettable experiences. They visited the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Museum of Chinese History, the history stroll Yan'an Memorial Hall, visit the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an; Beijing Dance Academy,  Beijing Modern Dance Company LDTX,  Elementary school, High School and art school in Xi’an and so on.

Through a series of cultural activities to stimulate the students returned to the U.S. after the promotion of Chinese culture, adhere to seriously study Chinese initiative. Make students aware of the vital learning, the importance of cultural heritage of China and the future development of friendship between the two countries to become messengers and Chinese culture communicator’s mission. It is the students' wishes, but also the Oriental Arts Education Center held the cultural expedition intended purpose. Oriental Arts Education Center will allow students the spirit read a trip purpose, so that students observe and study the experience of continuous growth, contribute to promote the Chinese culture.

The following is partially taken from students’ diary to share with you.

William Li

Yesterday, while going back to the Grand New World Hotel, Mrs. Xu told of a heart story and the REAL reason of why we were here in China. We weren’t here to eat fancy and play/have fun all day, but to learn and acquire more knowledge of our parents’ and its culture. Every time the tour guide lectured us on the sites we were to visit that day, we were to listen attentively and to keep the knowledge forever in our brains, NOT drunkenly have fun and shrug off the words like oil sliding off glass.

Knowledge is a virtue that should be sought for, and should be earnestly uncovered not by long hours at the computer, but by fusing joy and learning into one. I think that the ultimate goal of the summer camp is to have fun and learn about the culture about China. Only you can be the one who decides if you can reach that goal.

Ellen Li

This summer we visited many historical landmarks. They taught us about our roots and China’s history. We learned to take responsibility in our actions. I met 3 other girls who made this trip my worth it. The highlight of my trip are the daily bus trips. I get to socialize with my friends and listen to fascinating stories about how China came to be. We were also given the chance to see all the different parts of China. I am thankful for the adult chaperones, the opportunity from OAEC and teacher Xu Li. I was able to learn more than ever about who I am.

Carolyn Zhang

This trip taught me many things like the importance to appreciate. I learned to respect and appreciate everything the adults did for us. During the trip, we went to lots of important places. I am very honored to have amazing tour guides, who told us so many interesting stories. I am also thankful to the teachers who tried their best to satisfy our needs.

This trip gave me time to hang out with my friends. It helped me become more responsible. Now I’m thankful for the clean toilets, blue skies, and fresh air in America, which is something that a lot of kids in China will never have.

Finally, I had a great time and learned some long lifelong lessons. I sincerely thank all the adults for helping us during this trip. I am thankful for OAEC and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council for giving us the opportunity to explore China. This trip was fun and informative. Once again, thank you all for making it happen.

Kevin Chen

My favorite part of Beijing was when we traveled to the old part of the city (Hu Tong in Chinese). Our little trip lasted around 50 minutes, but I still had a lot of fun. During our visit we rode in these three-wheeled carriages around Hu Tong. In the carriages, we saw many things, from a game of MahJong to an ancient house. The Old Part of Beijing was very interesting and represented Beijing’s history.

Sabrina Hu

We visited a lot of schools this trip. We were like exotic plants to them, because I’m pretty sure they had never been out of China. The deepest impression was Xian Middle School No.16. We received such a warm welcome, I felt bad about my crummy present. We learned about the Chinese holidays, and the activities were really fun, and my partner was really nice. The activities were like writing calligraphy, making lanterns, eating zhong zi and dumplings. My partner was really enthusiastic, and she led me around and introduced me to a lot of people, and she went out of her way to entertain me. We also went to an elementary school, a dance school, and a dance class. The dance academies all looked the same, but I appreciate XuLi teacher trying to interest us.

Flora Hu

After 2 and a half hours of a bus ride from Xian to Yanan we stopped at the Yellow River to watch brown, sandy, and bubbly water cascade over sedimentary rock. It was incredibly loud, but also beautiful. I have never seen a waterfall before. I never thought the Yellow River was that yellowish. Helen, Melanie, and I struggled to get to a tiny rock island right next to a smaller waterfall. We wanted to get through the whole waterfall, but the tour guide told us not to. It was scary, but also fantastic.

This summer camp I have made many new friends. I also think that I have learned many interesting things about China’s history. I have also learned to become more independent and responsible.

Michelle Wang

Suddenly, a voice overhead booms in my ear. ”Please take you seat, we will be land in a few more minutes.”

“Finally,” I whisper.

I sit still as I watch the plane lower out the window. It’s wings spread out, over the land like a seagull’s spreading over.

Melanie Che

China has been an exciting journey. Everywhere we visited had their own uniqueness

My favorite place to visit was the Yellow River because it was really fun hopping around rocks trying to find a good location. Flora Helen and I almost got in trouble for standing on a mini rock island in the middle of a tiny waterfall place. It was even safe if you fell into the water! It was that safe. But the lifeguard just smiled because he was surprised on how we got there and back. I never thought that the Yellow River would actually the yellow. It was quite funny that the river was the color of a banana and smelled quite funny. I guess sand affected it strongly. I loved how there was so much space and air, especially after going to all the other locations with a lot of people and high temperatures. I really would like to thank Mr. Tour Guide for showing us all the amazing sights and teaching us so much about Chinese culture and ways.

Alexis Malveaux

I feel very privileged to come on this WONDERFUL vacation. I learned about President Mao and how he united China. Now I know why his picture is hung up in Tian  An Men. I very much appreciate all of the amazing things the adults did for us. I’ll miss everyone here and I’m looking forward to next year. And again thanks to Xu Li, Sabrina’s Mom, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, our tour guide, and our bus driver for an amazing vacation. Thank you!!!!!!!

Eric Tong


And amazing place for parkour, lots of places to climb, jump, run, and have fun on. Many great marks of history and just a place to have fun and hang out with your friends. Although I didn’t do many things in this area, It was fun, and in this whole trip, we learned to have

And thus,

Fate is destiny, destiny is dreams, dreams are hope, hope is trust, trust is confidence, confidence is gratitude, gratitude is decisions, decisions are patience, patience is control, control is responsibility, responsibility is care, care is cooperation, and it goes on..

And thus, this is Fate,

And that is it

Good bye

Claire Lu

I liked the Great Wall, even though climbing it was hard. The Great Wall stretches for thousands of miles. That’s a long distance! I can’t help but be impressed by the people who built the Great Wall. Never giving up no matter how hard it was sometimes. They probably didn’t complain all the time when they had to build the Great Wall. And yet we complain if the restroom is stinky. It makes me think about all the things we take for granted

I’ve always wanted to see the terra-cotta warriors, and I didn’t know they were in Xi-An. So I was really happy when I found out that we were going to see them in Xi-An .I thought that it was really cool that people built an army of soldiers for their king. In Pit 1 & Pit3 there were many soldiers( especially in Pit1), but in Pit 2 they were still digging and all you could see was dirt. It wasn’t just soldiers, there were horses, horse carts, drivers, weapons & all kinds of other things. We learned about what the ranks were and what they looked like. We also found out how they were made. I found it a valuable learning opportunity. The WHOLE trip.

Abigail Hu 8岁)

The waters of yellow river look like “chocolate milk” because at night the wind blows sand into the water. And that is why we all it the yellow river.

Cindy Li

When we were at Beijing, we visited a lot of places. At Tiananmen Square we saw lots of famous buildings. When you say the words “Tiananmen”, the first thing that pops into my head is the picture of Mao Ze Dong. I think he’s a really famous and smart person. In Yan’an, we visited where he lived. I think he’s a person that takes his work seriously and is a thoughtful person. I finally know why his picture is hanging in Tiananmen square

Grace Liu

My favorite part of this trip was when we visited the middle school. I got to learn a lot about the Chinese festivals. I especially liked the play they did.. It told me a lot about Chinese culture. Visiting china made me thankful of all the things in America. I also appreciate the parents and teachers that helped out. This summer has been special thanks to OAEC and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. J

Helen Pu

On July 2nd, we went to Beijing’s Ju Yong Guan part of the Great Wall. At first, Michelle and I were climbing partners. We climbed in the roasting yet windy weather to the first tower. It was very tiring to get there. To get to one tower, it’s about 150 steps. Inside each tower, the temperature was cooler than the outside. At the first tower, Michelle decided to head back down to the bus. I urged her not to but she said she couldn’t take it anymore. I eventually let her go back down. Seconds after Michelle headed back down, the rest of the Group headed toward where I was. Though there were only thirteen people headed my way, only Flora, Abigail, and I continued to climb while the rest of the group headed back down. We climbed and climbed and eventually caught up with the boys. After catching up, all eight of us continued climbing, taking constant rests. We eventually made it to the highest tower and Grace’s dad caught up with us minutes after. After a six minute rest and pictures, we headed back down. Going up was hard but not really scary. Going down was scary but not hard. We finally made it to the bottom and lost a lot of weight. Climbing the Great Wall was a great experience, a great workout, and a great feeling.

Jennifer Yu

Finally we’re in China, that’s the good part. The bad part is that our luggage is late!!! Such luck. Our hotel isn’t that fancy either but it is much better than some of the hotels I’ve been in. Even though this trip is starting us with problems, I still think that we will have an awesome time.

Tristan Wang

There was no air conditioning in the terracotta warrior place. So it was very hot. I was sweating, but when I looked around, it seemed like no one cared. I really like looking at the terracotta warriors. They looked very cool. My favorite part of this trip was climbing the Great Wall. It was my favorite because I got to challenge myself. I also learned something about it. My group went to the highest tower. It was very tiring. Once we got to the top, I could see the beautiful mountains and feel the wind. It was one of my favorite days in China.

A Hymn on Bike Riding in Xi’an

By: Jimmy Liu

When you first start out, your fire burns bright,

But as you continue, it starts to fade in light.

But it continues existing, fighting, striding,

And never collapsing to the infinite darkening.

But as you speed from tower to tower,

The fire in your soul will start to flower.

And when it finally blooms you start to believe,

That you may not have to pay any sort of fee.

But, as usual, there are always the obstacles,

The elements of the earth and the heat of the rays.

Though you may not overcome the heat of the air,

Your drive will always stay very fair.

And finally, you’ve reached the end of the trail,

Even though you thought to fail.

Alas, the victory cannot last forever,

And soon you will have to say farewell….

To the fire, that burns so brightly. Illuminating the darkness in your heart.

But though the end of the journey was quick,

A mere thirty minutes or another prick.

You still learned to fight,

No matter how dim the light.

“Dedicated to everyone who was driven to keep working on this trip. Thank you teachers for helping us through the trip and I hope everyone has a great summer!”

OAEC will open classes for all dance level with three weekends free trial

Dear Parent and students:

We are so exciting to share great news with all of you: Three new dance teachers, Wang Yu, Liu Chang and Zhang Yi ping will join us the fall 2013! OAEC Dance team has composed by 7outstanding teachers to offer professional dance training in Ballet, Modern, Chinese folk dance, Chinese classical dance, Hip Hop, Jazz and Tap for all age’s levels.  Each teacher has specialty and together, form a best dance team to offer the completed dance education system for any individual’s requirements.   For more details of teacher’s CV, please link to our web.
In order to let our student to know our teachers in advice, OAEC will  open classes for all dance level from 8/3 to 8/18, three weekends free trial. All OAEC steudents will take free class at their original schedule. New student please take the trail class with their age group. We will adjust students' level base on teachers recommendation when you register for fall semester.
For more details, please call 713-818-2683

2013 Summer Camp I Ends Successfully

2013 Summer Camp I end up 7/5 successfully. You can tell from attached pictures that unrestrained children fully enjoyed the summer fun at OAEC.  Camp II will be 7/8 to 8/2. Please register at front desk Saturdays. For more details please call 713-818-2683

OAEC participated in Dance Showcase USA 2013 National Championships with great success

OAEC participated in Dance Showcase USA 2013 National Championships with great success

Dance Showcase USA 2013 National Championships was held on June 17-23 in Dallas-Fort Worth at the Kennedale Performing Art Center, a total of nearly 4,000 people participated in solo, duet / trio and group dance competitions in each category. OAEC has seven original Choreography programs participated and, without exception, won Platinum Award in each division.

Vicky Weng: -”Song for Viola" rewarded Nationals the highest Elite Platinum award and the 1st place in Contemporary division, the 3rd place of overall in highest Senior Star Solo; Won the 3rd place of overall in Star Level Grand Showcase Awards; Judges' comments:  Elegant and amazing

Carolyn Zhang- “Dance in the Cloud” - won Platinum First Place in Folkloric (junior, 11-12 years old), 5th Place Overall (junior 9-12 years old), and 3rd Place Grand Showcase Overall;

Joline Sun, Joyce Weng, Nicole Zeng-“Red Lantern”  Fokloric trio, age5-6 Regional: 1st place Overall, outstanding costume award; National: 2nd place overall, Grand showcase Award:  3rd place overall.

Judges' comments:  "cute as a button, fun and entertaining, those smiles are priceless..."

Sophie Zeng- “Flower of Bamboo Flute” Folkloric solo, age5-6, National: 1st place, platinum, in her division and 5th overall;

Joline Sun-“storm” Contemporary solo, National: 1st place, platinum, in age5-6 division. Judges' comments: Fantastic job, nice pretty smile, dynamic, YOU ARE TELENTED!, Excellent stage presence

Wenson Tang –“Wind of Fan” won Platinum First Place in Folkloric (junior 9-10) and 6th Place Overall;

Sharon Li-won Folkloric solo 1st place, pltinum;

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