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激情绽放 不负年华-- 疫情中的OAEC

时光飞逝,年末将近。OAEC全体师生在前所未有的困境中,坚持网课,用艺术传递关爱,生命不止, 学习不停,携手走过特殊时期。

  • 东方印象2020将以特殊的形式呈现OAEC逆境前行中的坚持,努力和成长,敬请关注。
  • 今年,OAEC特别隆重推出 "疫情中的我"十秒抖音主题有奖赛。所有在册OAEC学生都可参加, 家长可以协助录制。截至日期:11/30/20 我们将从视频内容,拍摄创意等方面评选出三位优胜者,每人获$300奖学金。
  • 多年来,OAEC的学生在艺术道路上展现出了杰出的才能和无限的潜力。自2017年以来,OAEC设立了C&Y全球艺术基金会年度奖学金,每年甑选出的13名优秀学生(4-8年级每级各一名;9-12年级每级两名)每人将获得1,000美元奖学金。本年度的C&Y Global Art Foundation奖学金现已开始接受申请,截至日期:11/30/20

Thanks for all your support and hard work. While the world was standing still, OAEC never stopped. Together, we have overcome difficulties one after one. Time flies, 2020 is already nearing its end. Let's together, and make a very special Impression of 2020!

  • OAEC 2020 Virtual recital will be held on December 20th Sunday at 6:30pm. Please pay close attention for upcoming emails for further details.
  • A great news for everyone: OAEC will grandly launch the "Me in the Epidemic" 10-second TikTok Theme Video Prize Contest. All registered OAEC students can participate, and parents are welcome to assist. We will select three winners based on content expression, shooting creativity, and etc., Each winner will receive a scholarship of $300. Please send your short video to JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING before 11/30. Please follow the file name format: TikTok Contest-Student Name. The duration should not exceed 10 seconds.
  • For years, the students at OAEC have demonstrated outstanding talent and unlimited potential in the path of the arts. To further motivate the students, OAEC has set up an annually C&Y Global Art Foundation scholarship that will reward $1,000 to each outstanding student ( 4th – 8th grade one of each; 9th – 12th grade two of each). With such a prestigious award, no students should miss this wonderful opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

The application form and the requirements/regulations are attached for your reference. Please contact Li Xu at 713-503-8068 if you have any question.

View and Download the Application Form for TikTok Contest below:

C Y Dance Scholarship Appli... by oaecweb