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Mrs. Wu ChangLu's Chinese Zither spring recital on May 29th at OAEC was a melodic success.


With intricate techniques and moving melodies the Zithers transcended the audience to a world where they could fly and dance with the music. This performance showcased the talents of OAEC's students as well as Mrs. Wu's abilities to deliver such a spectacular evening in such a short amount of time. Mrs. Wu's passion for music and love of teaching has inspired not only her students but also all of our parents and teachers as well. We were also privileged to a sneak peak at Mrs. Wu's ideas and dreams she will be exploring for the next semester to be premiered at our annual recital. Thank you to all of our parents and students for all of your enthusiasm and support. With a great beginning such as this, the rest of the year is bound to hold more artistic gems and unforgettable performances.